CyberFortress 360 Cybersecurity Solutions

Rampart Defend uncovers the vulnerabilities to your organization by identifying the weaknesses in your data and IT assets. 

Rampart Threat Watch keeps a proactive watch over your network 24/7/365 and allows for the discovery of these hidden threats that sneak past other security countermeasures. 

Rampart EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) defends your organization by isolating infected devices, remediating the threat and even rolling back to a previous state.

Rampart 365 Secure deploys security measures that not only protect your email inbox but also sends proactive alerts to our Security Operations Center (SOC) in the event there is suspicious activity on your company’s email accounts.

Rampart Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) secures your applications with a second source of validation to verify the user’s identity before granting access. 

Rampart Gateway Control provides comprehensive security management with complete transparency into the network traffic and threats, so that a security defense template can be built to standardize deployment and management of your business firewall.

Rampart Risk Management helps you leverage your technology investment with a customized solution to meet your business needs.

Rampart CyberAware provides breach prevention that educates, identifies and oversees employee vulnerabilities.

Rampart ATP keeps you one step ahead of security threats and protects your sensitive data in emails through encryption and filtering.  

Rampart ATP Archive archives all of your email communication in the cloud to meet the business and legal demands.

Rampart EDM

Rampart EDM (Endpoint Manager) deploys, manages and secures all users, applications and devices without disrupting existing processes.