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Breach Prevention to educate, identify and manage employee vulnerabilities

One untrained employee is all it takes to nearly destroy your organization. Here’s how it works… A hacker impersonates a person or business and sends an email to a member of your staff asking them to click on the link in the email. To the employee, it looks real and it’s coming from a supposedly legitimate source. So, they don’t even think twice before clicking. Immediately malicious software is installed on their compute and the hacker now has access to your data.

To protect your company, you must train your employees and implement policies that enforce what they’ve learned in the training courses. Educate your entire team on potential threats with an in-depth, online security and compliance training course. They’ll also learn how to avoid those threats. 

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Prepare for a Cyber Attack with These 6 Steps

Many organizations have an incident response plan in place that may look great on paper but has not been tested for execution. Key executives must all agree on the strategy, work together to evolve it over time and be able to implement it confidently during a security incident.

The aviation industry is a prime example of people who implement incident response plans. Not only do aircrafts spend millions on avionics and mechanical systems to maintain and improve aircraft safety, but they still require life vests and emergency escapes on the airplane.  Airlines train their flight crews on what to do in an emergency and they require them to pass along that information to passengers before every flight. While your security program should prevent as many attacks as possible, you should still prepare for attacks that slip through your defenses.

Here are six key areas of an effective response plan:

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