Identify issues

before they happen

Increase efficiency

of data and log analysis

Implement Multi-Layered

security protection

Detect & eradicate malicious activity

Your organization’s workstations, servers, firewalls and other network devices are generating log data (tens of thousands of bits of information) every day. Here’s the problem, there’s an enormous amount of data that no human can successfully analyze to determine what is a threat and what’s not.

As cyber criminals continue to be successful in their exploits, businesses are faced with an ever-growing challenge to meet increasing compliance regulations and stay secure. Real-time cyber threat intelligence and log collection are key to cybersecurity and compliance.

Rampart Defend uncovers vulnerabilities in your network by identifying the weaknesses in your data and IT assets. This solution uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect malicious threats and stop them dead in their tracks.  Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) coupled with our around-the-clock Security Operation Center (SOC) not only proactively stops threats but also creates forensic artifacts and  compliance reporting to be used for determining the severity of a security incident. 

Security Operations Center Responds to Threats in Real-Time

Dynamic Event Management

Compliance Support

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