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Secure Cloud Management

Rampart EDM (Endpoint Manager) meets organizations where they are on their cloud journey. Without disrupting existing processes, this solution will secure, deploy and manage all users, applications and devices. Office servers, workstations and mobile devices are all supported as well as BYOD devices. Through a full suite of solutions, you will be able to provide secure access for all users on all devices. Keep your data safe with geofencing policies that only allow approved users to access sensitive applications.

With minimal infrastructure and process overhead, laptops and mobile devices can be reset, provisioned and repurposed. All endpoints are managed whether they are on-premise, remote, corporate-owned, personal, desktop or mobile. Support zero-touch provisioning with Windows Autopilot, Apple Device Enrollment, and Android Enrollment.

Get secure access to corporate resources through continuous assessments and intent-based policies with Conditional Access App Control, powered by Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and natively integrated in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with unified security management enables quick, automated remediation of application vulnerabilities.

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5 Tips for Mobile Device Security

Mobile device security management is all about overseeing the way users view, share and store sensitive information on all device from laptops to internet connected printers.

With more remote and on-the-go workers, administrators need to balance their users’ desire to stay connected with mobile device security and safeguarding data. This becomes even more difficult if your company has BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in place.

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