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End-users are the biggest target in your business. Due to the numerous types of threats, it makes protecting the end-user even more challenging. There are risks with telecommuting and different device environments which pose a real risk to your business.

Unfortunately, old-school antivirus just won’t protect your organization like it used to. Instead, you need the power of an on-device solution that uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent unknown and known threats in real-time. This eliminates dependency on cloud latency,  connectivity,  and end-user intervention.

Rampart EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) defends and self-heals by isolating infected devices, remediating the issue and even rolling back to a previous state prior to the security incident. All of this is backed by our Security Operations Center (SOC) Team who proactively monitors risks and alerts with the ability to disconnect devices from the network in real time.

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Are You Ready for a Cyber Attack?

Many organizations have an incident response plan that looks great on paper but hasn’t been tested for execution yet. Company leaders must decide on a strategy, improve it over time and implement it confidently during a security incident.

Here are six areas of an effective response plan:

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