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The leading cause of data breaches and ransomware attacks are misconfigured firewalls. Recently, Gartner reported that misconfiguration causes 99% of firewall breaches. Firewalls are a powerful security product when configured correctly. However, there are many settings required to make them effectively stop threats; and the problem is that the firewall will be largely ineffective if not configured properly. 

As firewall rules are created, copied, and amended, they can actually be detrimental to each other due to unwanted performance and security consequences. Conflicting rules and misconfigurations may make the entire network vulnerable to complex threats, intrusion and unauthorized access.

Rampart Gateway Control provides comprehensive security management through complete transparency into your network’s traffic and threats which builds a security defense template for standardizing the management and deployment of your business firewall. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) Team receives custom alert notifications in real-time when there are changes made to the firewall. 

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How to Stop a Ransomware Attack

If your business has just been attacked with ransomware, you’re probably wondering how this happened and you should have done to stop it.

For many organizations, the answer isn’t completely clear. All too often, businesses have weaknesses in quite a few areas of their cybersecurity practices that pave the way for an attack. While most executives have security software implemented, they frequently overlook security solutions they should use themselves.

Here’s 6 key things you should have done to stop ransomware:

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