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Proactive Threat Intelligence protecting against zero-day attacks

Hackers are constantly evolving and prying their way into all sizes of business. These bad actors are trying to gain access through infected websites, Phishing Emails, social media sites, rogue employees – just to name a few.

Once they have gained an Established Foothold into your network they will live there for months or even years, collecting passwords and stealing data. These attacks are often called MITRE ATT&CKS and are constantly evolving. Their goal is to monetize data and they have become very proficient in doing so. 

Rampart Threat Watch proactively keeps watch over your network 24/7 and enables the discovery of these hidden threats that sneak past other security countermeasures. 

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5 Security Practies That Are Leaving Your Business Vunerable

Bad security practices are a huge cause of data theft, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Protecting your company’s data is crucial to your security, productivity, and profits. Improper security also allows potential threats into your network that can cost you time and money. That’s why the methods you use to protect your IT infrastructure are so important.

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